Don’t follow me; I will run away!

I always say that I’m my own audience. Because of that, I do some crazy things to amuse myself. Maybe you’ll find it amusing (or annoying).

I’ve noticed that it’s always a little awkward when you’re walking down the hallway and someone walking behind you seems to be following you, even when their destination might be different from yours. It’s especially true if you make a few turns and they continue to be behind you.

In cases where it seems like I’m walking the distance with someone, what I’ve been doing, you know, to make it less awkward, is continually look back and then jog away, getting progressively faster as I go along. I also keep looking back, you know, to demonstrate the building tension. Imagine a horror movie where someone is running from a villain that’s gaining on them, and you get the picture.

It almost always results in laughter, and, sometimes, that laughter isn’t just mine. So I’d say it’s fun.


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