Don’t Exit through the Enter door

I have no patience for Home Depot. It’s a store that conveniently gathers everything you would need for a home improvement project arranged in such a way that is both contrary to intuition and sarcastically obvious. It’s a store that I avoid like cauliflower. Ok, maybe not that much, but I avoid it.

On a recent visit, I think for a trip for some paint for the new place, we went to Home Depot. For some reason, Cassie had to run back out to her car to get something. She walked all the way to the Exit doors and all the way back to her car, parked by the Enter doors, and then came back in the Enter door.

All the while, I was having a conversation with some employees stationed at the front of the store about this sequence of events.

I asked the young kid, “did she really have to go out the Exit door?”

He responded, “no, but it is preferred.”

I prodded for a clarification, but didn’t get one.

Can I know, if it’s not required to go out the exit door, why do they have designated entrances and exits? They have people standing at the front of both. It’s not like people are going to sneak out with stuff when there are people there watching the door. Just let people go in and out through either door.

It seems silly to me, but my interests aren’t aligned with theirs in the least. As a matter of fact, the best part about that place to me is the exit. Actually, I like the paint mixing apparatus. That thing is cool.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Exit through the Enter door

  • Roz

    I’m guessing that the folks at Home Depot aren’t Led Zeppelin fans.

  • Chuck Miller

    The idea I suspect is that they want to control the customer, like herding cattle in a cattle pen – go in, stop and buy something, pay for it, exit. They don’t want you to deviate from that norm. You are not a customer. You are sheep. Baaaaaaaa….

  • Keith

    I can only speak to the procedures of the East Greenbush Home Depot, where I was a head cashier for a year.

    The doors at the contractor end, lawn and garden, and service desk entrance are both ways. Doors by registers are out only. The theory is that you can’t really come in through the registers, as it’s a huge clusterfuck, and there’s always someone stationed at the other sets of doors (if the lawn and garden gate is open).


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