Did derryX feel the magic of Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

We split one of our few days at Disney between Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We figured if we missed anything, with our Park Hopper passes, we could just go back the day before we flew home.

Mickey and Minnie made from trees

We hit the Magic Kingdom right after lunch at Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom and had a few hours we could spend there before dinner at Crossroads at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

In front of Magic Kingdom

The one thing that’s pretty obvious about the Magic Kingdom is that the merchandising is really running wild. When you enter the park, you have to walk through a pretty long stretch before you start seeing attractions; there are a lot of shops (seemingly more so than the other parks).

Steamboat Willie

There were really only two things I took away from Magic Kingdom.

(1) There’s this interactive Toy Story game where you shoot stuff while moving around a track that is amazing!

Cassie and I loved this thing. It was far too short, lasting about 5 minutes after waiting a good 10 minutes even with a FastPass. But the wait for this thing was close to an hour for those without a FastPass. When you come out, they try to sell you your picture taken while you were playing. We didn’t buy shit.

You can tell we were really into it.
You can tell we were really into it.

(2) The people at Be Our Guest are assholes for no good reason.

So Be Our Guest is the nicest place to eat in Disney. They apparently open up reservations six months ahead, and they fill up quickly. When we passed by, I figured I’d walk up to the gate and see if there was a chance they had any cancellations for the day. I also had hoped that they’d see my pin (indicating we were newlyweds) and maybe squeeze us in.

Be our guest

The entire scene reminded me of the part in Eyes Wide Shut when Dr. Harford tries to go back to the mansion during the day and is turned away with a threat (minus the threat part, of course, plus the fact that the people were dressed like idiots). I understand it’s probably very common for people to be going up to them all day, but it’s also common for a mason to be laying brick all day. Believe me, it’s not unusual for people to get combative when I approach, but these guys went well far and above that. It was maddening, but it won’t deter me from trying to get a reservation there in the future.

I was ready to bust out some tang soo do on those guys.

Locked and loaded

So what do you do when you’re pissed?

Ice Cream Sandwich

That’s right, you use a Disney deluxe dining plan snack credit and eat an ice cream sandwich. It was just like every other ice cream sandwich you’ve ever seen, except it was shaped like Mickey’s silhouette.

I don’t remember doing much else in the Magic Kingdom, and there sure as hell wasn’t anything that would warrant a trip back. Actually, we did say that when we were ready to shop for some stuff, if we couldn’t find something we wanted, there’s one big store at the front of this park where they had literally everything.

(Turns out there’s something like that at every park, including EPCOT, which is the best park in the Disney complex.)


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  • Jeni B

    Space Ranger Spin is a totally fun thing to do… There isn’t much in Magic Kingdom.. but I always go and do Space Ranger Spin, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, the People Mover, the Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Stitch’s Great Escape, Tom Sawyer Island, The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Carosel of Progress and of course, Pirates of the Carribean.


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