derryX, the person, turns 32

I had my actual birthday last month, and, man, was it a celebration.

I am a huge fan of either going to Bombers or Wolff’s Biergarten for the free beverage. Since I did the boot at Biergarten two years in a row, I decided to invite some of my closest friends to Bombers Schenectady for a crazy margarita, some good food, and lots of laughs.

But first, I woke up to find this stuff in my brand spanking new apartment:

A special "Happy Birthday" message from Cassie on our chalkboard wall (Easter Egg alert! Find it; win a prize)
A table-full of presents from Cassie

Just to clarify, Cassie got me a year subscription to Men’s Health Magazine, Rough Justice (a book of sketches by Alex Ross), The Beatles in Mono (2009 Remaster, which was on its way), The Big Lebowski Blu Ray (which I can expect mid-August), and a sweet card. It was all awesome stuff.

This set the stage for a pretty awesome day. First, I had to work, though. After work, I got some pretty awesome news about my local comic shop. Ohh, and I also changed my shirt.

Operation: nWo completed?

I met up with Cassie, and we headed over to Bombers Schenectady.

Some of my closest friends came. Here’s the rundown:

Brian G. with his lovely girlfriend, Melissa
Nasty Nick
Big Rory, with his mind on his money, and his money on his mind
The group of us (including Cassie)

I didn’t know what to order. I really wanted BBQ tofu fries, and I really wanted the Red Stripe jerk pork plate with no rice, and I really wanted XXX Hot boneless wings. I couldn’t pick two out of the three, so I ordered them all; Rory and Nick payed for most of it, and I’m grateful for that.

What? I had leftovers.

Bombers BBQ Tofu Fries - AMAZING
Bombers Red Stripe Jerk Pork Plate (no rice) - AMAZING
Bombers XXX Hot Boneless Wings - OK (about as hot as medium anywhere else)

Of course, I took the opportunity to pose with the free birthday margarita.

…and I finished the whole margarita and was contemplating ordering a Colt 45, which the waitress notified us was served in a special bucket. We honestly didn’t even believe they even seriously had it.

Next time.

We all had a great time. I’m not sure everybody else had the stellar experience with the food that I did, but you can’t ask for everything for everybody. I was just happy to spend the night with my pals. It was nothing less than amazing, and is a time I will remember for a long time to come.

Now that the dust has settled, I’ve gotten a bunch of gifts from a bunch of people.

Thanks to Cassie and a Best Buy gift card labeled “derryX” from Brian and Melissa, I now own the best remasters of all of the Beatles’ studio albums, at least that’s the cursory opinion of fellow Friend of Tom, Andy Zax, renowned music historian and music geek.

My brother, Dom, who moved away last year, sent me some pretty awesome stuff. He got me Bulletstorm for Xbox 360 and a WWE Classic Sycho Sid figure, which replaces Sabu and The Shockmaster as the weirdest figure I own.

Arby’s Enthusiast, Jeff Gorfman, mailed me the first trade paperback of Atomic Robo and a weird note that I loved.

My parents visited for a day around my birthday, and, while they were here, they got me a snazzy new printer and Mortal Kombat/Mortal Kombat Annihilation on DVD (which is actually really bad quality, so it’s going back to the store, and blu rays are on the way).

I got myself some miscelaneous stuff:

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good birthday.


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