A fun day off…

I have a vacation day or two from work, so I decided to take one today. That means I have a few minutes to fire off another rant style post that’s going to go all over the place, hit peaks and valleys, highs and lows, goods and bads, you get the idea.

Last night was my gig at Cold Stone Creamery for Make-A-Wish.

It was a really good time. The staff at Cold Stone was great, and I got to make a good number of their signature creations. People were additionally donating to Make-A-Wish left and right, so that’s great. A few people I know from doing the blog and some personal friends came, which was great.  On the way out, I got to mix up my concoction, which actually changed because I saw they had chocolate malt ice cream. I mixed the same stuff (brownie, raspberry, and almond) into it.  (Waffle cones or dishes were free because it was Thursday; if I had known, I would have told you. I also made a donation to Make-A-Wish as well.

I started today off with a trip to the gym to work on delts and do some cardio. The demographics at the gym is weird. At that hour (between 6:45am and 7:45am) on weekdays, it’s all 55+ year old men. Not that I care or anything because I mind my own business and I didn’t have to use the locker room because I could come right home, but c’mon young people. Let’s get our asses to the gym. (Is it Let’s or lets?)

Just so we’re clear, there are some flavors that are additive. For example, sea salt and dark chocolate. You can’t say something has more of a dark chocolate flavor than a sea salt and dark chocolate flavor and expect people to think you know what you’re talking about.

My Beats by Dre Tour earbuds died (the right channel just stopped working), and I sent them in for a warrantee replacement. Well, Beats by Dre has decided that they are sending mine back with the explanation “Fake product.” So either the earbuds I bought at Best Buy were fake (highly unlikely), or Beats by Dre is full of shit (likely).

Go read Daniel B’s article about GMO corn. I don’t think he and I ever have to agree, but it’s good that we’re on common ground with this.

I’m really glad John Hodgman’s book That Is All is coming out in paperback next week. I was getting tired of reading cookbooks for leisure. [No, there are no other books in the universe. Only cookbooks and John Hodgman books.]

I’ve been working hard at trying to make chocolate fondant (and before you start in with me, I know fondant is the same word for the gross, smooth stuff that goes around cakes to decorate them. Here the usage is French for “melting.”). My first attempt was poor because I set the oven too high, and because I used chocolate with too high of a cocoa content (85%). The second attempt was alright, but I think the oven, this time set to 325°F as the recipe prescribed, was just a smidge too low.

Tomorrow is A Taste of Elegance. If you’re not going, I feel bad. It’s going to be awesome! Food from Yono’s and Illium Cafe. And wine tasting. All for $30. No brainer.

I’m going to be the best man at my brother’s wedding in two weeks. I know what I want to say for my speech, and I think it’ll be good and succinct.

Today, I’m headed for a quick Adventure in Food and then to lunch. I haven’t decided what yet. It’s between checking out the Ale House or Francesca’s. I want to be in Troy so I can pick up comics.

This was my breakfast today. Simple and delicious.

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Alright. I guess I’ll get moving on my day. Feel free to use the comments to sound off on any of the above or to ask me questions or whatever. I don’t care.


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