3 Years of derryX

One of the things I love about doing the blog is interacting with the community that’s become part of the whole experience. Throughout the year, passing messages back and forth through facebook, twitter, email, etc. is really the main thing that keeps me doing this blog.

Having little get togethers is a fun way of taking that interaction into the real world. I’ve done it so far for two years (year 1, year 2), and I wasn’t going to stop it this year!

This year, we gathered at Ted’s Fish Fry in North Troy. It was a strong turnout. Nothing as crazy as year 2, but a number of people who were planning on coming couldn’t at the last minute. That’s cool. Those of us who were there had fun.

Everyone who came got a Fun Pack.

Fun Pack

This year, shopping for the fun packs was plagued with bad weather, but I was able to get a few things together elsewhere and put together something awesome. Everyone got the following:

We talked a little about Brilliant bites. It sounds like just the type of thing a lot of people have been looking for. It even looks like my little Brilliant bites notebook made its rounds and people made a few entries and suggestions.

Brilliant bites notebook

I thought it was awesome that everyone who came ordered lunch. Many people partook in the fish fry like me. A few people went the burger route, which I thought was interesting. Those people seemed pleased with their burgers. They looked decent enough.

After everyone finished eating, most of us made the short trip over to Snowman. We do this every year.

Snowman Ice cream

I went big and ordered the royal (3 scoop) Snickers sundae with Snickers ice cream, coffee Oreo ice cream, and peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. Holy crap! One flavor was better than the next! And, yes, I had room for every damn bite.


While we were there, I did the giveaways. Chuck Miller took home Borat, and Rochelle (who has a fun voice writing her blog Under the Copper Tree and in real life) and her boyfriend, Michael, went home with the Grindhouse DVD set.

The afternoon was filled with laughs and stories, but, like all good times, it had to come to an end. I know I had an awesome time.

I’m going to try like hell to plan some more dining events in upcoming months. I have a few ideas for some things that lots of people should enjoy. Like I said, the social aspect of the blog is really the best part of doing this.


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