2010 in Retrospect Part 3

I have never had a year that compares with 2010. I’ve never had the emotional peaks and valleys that I’ve had in this past year. While I’m looking ahead, it may be a good exercise to take a look back, in a positive light, and outline what’s been going on. So I’m gonna give a month, maybe a few sentences of my mind frame and one or two of my favorite facebook updates from that month. (This will be unleashed in 3 parts)

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September – I got to the bottom of the origin of the Cobb Salad. I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 with the expertise of John Jordan. Cassie and I took an amazing trip to NYC. I’m sure other stuff happened, It’s just a blur…


OctoberScubbers reopened on Wolf Road. I got together a bunch of times with my good friends. My buddy, Darth Dick, got married. I went on Gen War’s infamous annual Wine Tour. My buddy, Nick Swardson, premiered a show on Comedy Central (Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time – Genius). I unleashed upon the world my opinion of cauliflower. I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first and last time.

“Jackass 3D was incredible.”

“‘Dead Man’s Party’ by Oingo Boingo is the greatest Halloween song ever.”

November – I hosted the greatest event in the Capital Region ever (and that is the post of the year, as a matter of fact). I picked up a mascot and a protege (who really hasn’t done as much for me as I expected, no offense). My cousin Michelle got married. And I ate at a bunch of awesome places (you can dig back for my dining reviews; it’s way too many to link to.).

“‘Novem-beard, dudes!!!’ – Jeff Soirefman

“derryXgiving to all!!!”

December – Work was really busy just to get to take some vacation, but I did quite a bit. I got to the bottom of tipping your mail carrier. I became a huge fan of Nadia G. and Bitchin’ Kitchen. I participated in a Hot Dog Tour, and, not only did I participate, I brought just as many people as the person who organized the event, so I’m calling it a co-endeavor. I broke the internet in half when I revealed the true pronunciation of “derryX.” And I’m still going…

“They call me Mr. Fahrenheit”

“Can we just admit that gingerbread is disgusting?”

What’s in store for 2011? We’ll see…That all may depend on YOU!!!


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