The most overrated sandwiches in America…

Sent in by fan of the blog (and cousin), Dan, here’s an article written by Maddox that gives his take on the most overrated sandwiches in the US.

Read the article (NSFW) here.

It’s really funny, and begs the question, “is he missing any?”

I’ll start off by adding anything from Panera Bread’s menu besides the Bacon Turkey Bravo (and even that’s not great any more, but it’s rated, not overrated). Panera Bread just sucks, guys.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.


7 thoughts on “The most overrated sandwiches in America…

  • Darth

    I think the Reuben deserves criticism . . . as a Reuben aficionado, I can say I’ve had amazing ones, and really craptastic ones that made me want to vomit. The worst are the open sandwich ones you get at a diner made by some Greek a-hole who thinks using low grade corned beef and stale Russian dressing is okay. Or a place that thinks it’s okay to substitute sour kraut with cole slaw. They can take their cole slaw and shove it up their cole ass.

  • ABA T-Shirts Rule

    i miss that ABA t-shirt! dont know where it went

  • -R.

    Having gone to school in western NY, I can say with honesty that an important sandwich has been left off that otherwise hilarious list: Beef on weck. You take yourself some nasty-ass third rate roast beef, slowly steam all the flavor out of it while simultaneously maintaining a rare appearance and then place it on the saltiest, most vile bun you’ll ever eat (sprinkled with caraway seeds). This is all slathered “au jus”, meaning that steamed water/meat juice bubbling away with Sterno beneath. A purist would insist on horseradish to taste, meaning to cover the vile, dirty flavor of this so-called sandwich.

    If I never see another in my life, it would be too soon.

  • Dom-neck

    That’s my bed in that pic.

  • Frank

    Going back to what you had a month ago, Arbys roast beef sandwiches are totally overrated.

  • Darth

    Just as a side note, I would like to mention the most under rated sandwich – the Cuban / Cubana. You only find them at latino / Mexican restaurants. The hole in the wall types. And Cheeseburger in Paradise – but never get one there, they suck there. But everywhere else I’ve had one they are incredible.

    My favorite is a small Mexican restaurant near where I work – it has chicken, pork, ham, sausage, bacon, avacado, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, onion, and swiss. It’s amazing.

  • mr.dave

    Oh he can fuck right off with insulting White Castle. White Castle is the only fast food that I think actually lives up to its own hype, I really and truly adore the little things. I have always hated Maddox, now I have a concrete reason.


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