John Cena is Superman

Here’s a throwback to one of derryX’s type of posts, an “I didn’t photoshop this…”

One of the things that derryX and I have in common is our love for professional wrestling, namely pro wrestling in the 1980s and 1990s. I can’t tell you how many times we talk and he tells me about how much he hates John Cena. I can’t say I blame him, but I don’t hate him anywhere near how much he does. Cena is basically all that remains in professional wrestling on a constant basis to tie the old generation to the new generation of little, skinny, wimpy guys. But he’s definitely not Superman, nor is he anything close to in the same league as The Rock or Hulk Hogan.


3 thoughts on “John Cena is Superman

  • Will King

    I might just hate Cena as much as much as he does.

    My wife gets to here me complaining ever Monday about how much I despise him.

  • Harri

    First of all John Cena is not a skinny whimpy guy. He’s pretty jacked. And the fact that he no-sells every match he’s ever been in, including the most recent Over the limit ppv I quit match for the title, in which he spent 24 minutes getting his shit beat in, and then came back outta nowhere to get Miz in a submission STF, for Miz to tap and say I quit twenty seconds later. It made no sense. He isn’t good, and it’s because little kids love him that he’s so big.

    • derryX

      I think dyscipleX was saying that he’s not skinny and wimpy but he bridges gap between that and the old-school big guys.

      And Cena is not good. He is less appealing and even less versatile than Hulk Hogan as far as physical ability goes.

      It’s a good thing I don’t religiously watch now, otherwise I’d have a lot more to say about how dumb he is.


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