A Metallica Video Game that is not Guitar Hero?

I really want to know something.

What ever happened to the Metallica video game that was planned a number of years ago?

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

It’s the one that was described as follows:

The new title — a high action, third person vehicle combat game packed with fully customized vehicles and weaponry, endless terrain and desperate, murderous opponents — will include voice-overs from band members, incidental background music and other exclusive content from Metallica.

This was actually strong in the works around 2003, and was apparently scrapped in 2005.

Don’t believe me?

See a video teaser for the original concept for yourself: SOURCE

I have a theory about what actually became of that project.

Back in 2009, Activision came out with a game called Brutal Legend. It’s the game that everyone hates that was popular because of voice over acting by Jack Black.

Jack Black from Brutal Legend

Part of that game were these really annoying driving scenes set to music, and I think even the final battle uses these cars.

As the story goes, Vivendi was picked up by Activision in 2007, so it’s completely likely that someone at Activision found the Metallica video game and decided it would fit well into Brutal Legend. Meanwhile, Activision decided to publish a Guitar Hero game featuring Metallica music.

But this is just my theory.


4 thoughts on “A Metallica Video Game that is not Guitar Hero?

  • Darth

    I actually read years ago that the Metallica game was scrapped for a heavy metal inspired game instead . . . and I just assumed that Brutal Legend was that game.

  • Jeff

    I suppose it’s possible, but I have a very hard time imagining that Tim Schafer would make a licensed Metallica game. Nothing against Metallica, that’s just not his style.

  • Keith

    Yeah, I remember that. It was supposed to be “Grand Theft Auto meets Twisted Metal.”

    I figured the game didn’t come out as they planned so they just scrapped it. It’s entirely possible that it’s the same mechanics featured Brutal Legend.

  • derryX

    Brutal Legend is the shittiest game I ever played. I’m glad Metallica didn’t have anything to do with it.


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