Wow! This is graphic!

We were playing Super Nintendo one day at a neighbor’s house, and this kid (TY) that nobody really hung out with much brought over a game called Baseball Simulator 1000. It was a standard baseball game where the gimmick was that there were special weapon pitches and batters. Ohh yeah, and the players were robots. So it was a pretty wacky game.

It had a decent look, and was actually a pretty decently balanced video game considering that it was a sports game. The sound kind of stunk, but the graphics were cool.

Well, we all got tired of playing the game, so we started hitting the speed bag that they had in the basement. Well TY decided that he still wanted to play the game. So we’re all on one side of the room and he’s standing in the middle of the room playing the game.

He starts muttering out, “look guys…this game is graphic!”

It was just a funny thing to say. Watch 40 Year Old Virgin and then judge the story.


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