Saturday’s the big day!

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I told you two months ago.

I told you last week.

This is the final official reminder.

You’re going to want to be at Pig Pit BBQ in Cohoes for lunch this Saturday afternoon at 12:30PM. Then, you’re going to want to drive over to Snowman Ice Cream in Lansingburg.


Because a bunch of us are going to be hanging out. We’re technically getting together to celebrate the milestone of two years of having this little space on the internet where we could talk food and fun.

Details are and have been on facebook.

Like I’ve been saying, I’ll have 20 limited edition party bags that contain lots of great stuff, all for fun. First 20 families gets one.

And there’s a giveaway.

One last order of business before Saturday is to give you the question.

So here goes:

Which “derryX Dines” post has gotten the most views since June 9, 2011? [Tie breaker, just in case: how many views? – whoever is closer wins.]

The only hint I’ll give is that it’s a derryX Dines post that has been published between June 9, 2011, and today.

Please come with your responses written on a piece of paper.

Actually, there’s one more thing.

I’d really like to make this as social an event as we can. Last year, people had fun adding tweets and facebook statuses with their thoughts and impressions. This year, I’d like for this to happen again, but I want to try to wrangle it so that I can compile everything at the end. When talking about the event, let’s use the hashtag, #derryXBash . I want to extend this to instagram; I actually really like that service. I know that last year, I had to scold someone for taking pictures of certain things; this year, there will be none of that. Take pictures of whatever you want; tweet them; facebook them; instagram them. One request: no pictures of me from the back.

I’m hoping to see you all!

(If you haven’t, please let me know if you’re coming.)


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