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You will need to catch up on reading my UPS woes. Do that here.

The amount of things I have been purchasing on has dwindled. Of course, there’s always a DVD/Blu Ray┬áhere or there, but I have been playing alot less video games lately, and it’s down to approximately one pre-order video game on release date per month (at least from September through November).

I recently pre-ordered Rock Band 3 for Xbox 360. I actually had a $20 credit toward a video game purchase for pre-ordering Halo Reach, so it was a no-brainer for me. Rock Band 3 shipped on Monday October 25 and was due for delivery on Tuesday October 26. According to the UPS tracking information, things should have been all set right?

Yeah, Out for Delivery in Latham at 6:14am on October 26. Perfect.

Except, it never came on October 26.

I know better than to trust the UPS website, so I logged onto and tracked my package.

Wait a second, what’s this 6:33am Arrival Scan in Latham. Well folks, that’s how the driver/loader/whoever “loses” the package in the system. I swear to God, now that I know this system, I better never get a job for UPS because once I learn how to make arrival scans, I could rob them blind.

So Tuesday October 26, at night, I made phone calls to my contacts at UPS. They assured me it was on the truck and that they would locate it. After a whole evening and morning, I recieved a call from a young lady indicating they could not find the package. Big surprise. I told them from the beginning they weren’t going to find it.

Amazon has since taken ownership and reshipped the package.

But let me offer an additional story. I also pre-ordered the Back to the Future Blu Ray set, also set to release on this past Tuesday (October 26). It shipped via USPS from on Friday October 22, and arrived promptly in my mailbox at 9:15am on Monday October 25 [one day ahead of the street date].

Why can’t ship everything via USPS?


3 thoughts on “More on UPS!

  • Rochelle

    Oh how I love these UPS stories. For the most part they’ve been good to me, but there was one time when they failed. I had tickets that were supposed to be shipped overnight, but actually took a week… and then disappeared. From the warehouse, no less.

    It’s times like that I just want to make a little UPS voodoo doll.

  • Scott

    I also live in Watervliet in a fairly large apartment complex, and while I haven’t had problems with packages “disappearing”, I’ve had a LOT of problems with lazy UPS drivers who just slap delivery notices on my door instead of dropping them off at the rental office like they’re supposed to.

    In all fairness to the drivers, sometimes they get to my apartment after the rental office closes at 6pm, but there’s no excuse for me to have to repeatedly do “same day will calls”, with their required trip to the UPS offices in Latham, when there’s an office not 100 yards away that can accept packages for me.

    What sucks even worse is that the UPS management in Latham basically refuses to do anything about this (I’ve tried).


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