Before I get to some thanking I want to put a couple of things out there for you.

  • Enter this contest. I have four quality entries, and I’d be happy for any of the four people who submitted their fun ideas to win, but I really want to read some of the things everyone can come up with.
  • If you are photoshop savy (or do a really terrible job like me), let’s come up with some new “All your base are belong to us” images. Even though the rest of the world gave up on it 8 years ago doesn’t mean we have to. Email Me yours.
  • Another “Twitch” post is coming soon. This time, I have a bunch of user submitted images, as well as some others, and a special surprise. This was a lot of fun last time, and I had people begging me to add them to the post. Here’s your chance! Email Me your twitch pics.

So when I returned to blogging back in June of this year, {that’s when it was on the free wordpress platform} I got into it as an outlet to channel some of my humor and personality. I was really doing it just to have fun. Within 2 months of starting, I saw that the popularity of what I was doing was increasing very rapidly, so I purchased a domain name and moved my content onto Metalfrog’s web server (I actually didn’t do any of the moving; Metalfrog is fully responsible for that).

Just another two months later, Metalfrog sent me a report with my blog statistics since moving to his server in August. The results from that leave me in utter astonishment and amazement that you want what I’m giving. I’m not going to repost that here, because that would be tacky, but if you dig on twitter enough, you’ll find it.

I know there are some days where I push pretty hard on the twitter and facebook, but it’s great to know that you guys are reading and that it isn’t just for me.

A very special “Thank you” goes out to All Over Albany who have been very kind to link many of my articles and are responsible for a significant number of readers that I have.

Enclosing, I want to thank everyone who reads regularly and supports this blog. Without all of you, this would just be a portal for funny things that are ridiculous that only I would read.


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