Dinner w/ Chuck – Email w/ Julia

Even though my free time has been spiraling toward non-existence, I am happy to say I have had some pretty fun opportunities to bond with some people that I’m proud to consider friends and colleagues. In fact, in one day, two of my friends had stories to share about our bonding experiences.

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been in communication with Blogger Chuck Miller, who writes a gem of a blog for the Albany Times Union. While it’s been around for 31 years 2 years, I’ve been recently following it closely and enjoying Chuck’s approach. I particularly enjoy his feature, K-Chuck Radio, in which he features songs based around a theme; it’s exposed me to lots of stuff I’ve forgotten about (sometimes intentionally) and stuff I’ve never heard of.

We got to eat dinner and chat about our mentality to blogging, and it turns out we’re fairly like-minded people. Although I have to say, I don’t have the dedication to my blog that he does to get up super early and belt out the quality posts that he does. (I love you guys, but I need to sleep)

Read about his perception of me at our dinner here. I hope to have another opportunity to sit down with Chuck real soon; I enjoyed our conversation very much.

Chuck Miller and derryX

Changing gears…

I have been in communication with a standup comedian from Minnesota named Julia Brownfield (FacebookTwitter). There is a super secret reason why we are in touch right now, a project that will be coming at you soon. During collaboration, we got onto an email tangent about the movie “Bachelor Party” from 1984 starring Tom Hanks. (See, I didn’t always think Tom Hanks was terrible)

She shared with me details about her friendship with Pat Profit, collaborator on that film and other classic 80s and 90s films you’d never believe. And I one upped her with my stories about my experiences with that movie.

Now, I’m going to give you ample warnings because I don’t want to hear it if you click on the following links. Her blog is not safe for work; the title of her blog is WTF spelled out. She writes edgy stories about things that happen to her and isn’t afraid to load it with curses and suggestive (not vulgar or lewd) images. If you are at home (not work) I suggest taking a look at a few of her earlier posts (NSFW). Since she’s a bona fide comedian, you are sure to get a laugh; I do.

I guess she loved my stories so much that she wanted to post them on her blog; I obliged, and you can read my stories about Bachelor Party here (at home or on a smartphone, please; I don’t want to hear it if you get fired).

I guess I had a really fun Monday afternoon after all. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the fun that I had.


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