Creepshow DVD Giveaway

So you sent in your responses and it’s time to pick a winner. Remember, what was up for grabs was a like new DVD keep-case copy of Creepshow direct from my library.

I set up a poll for you people of the internet to choose the fate of this DVD, but first allow me to introduce the entrants to the contest:

1) Gorfman’s Tobias Funke/Blue Man Analrapist Costume – written as experienced by derryX

Halloween Havoc 2007 – Gorfman was obsessed with Arrested Development and decided to dress up as his favorite character, Tobias Funke. The caveat was that he wanted to dress up as the Blue Man Group version of Tobias Funke. So he bought a bunch of blue body paint and made it happen. Ohh and he handed out business cards that said “Tobias Funke – Analrapist” just like the show. I think he showered 4 times and that paint didn’t go away. Don’t even get #dompap started about what his bathtub looked like after this stunt.

2) A young Cute~Ella dressed as a picklewritten by Cute~Ella

3) Nabisco ironically dressed like an oreo among a school full of male cheerleaders – written by Nabisco

So my high school, an all-male catholic high school, has a tradition. As a senior, you get to go to school for Halloween dressed in a costume. My time comes, so I break out my cardboard Oreo Cookie costume I made (yes, it’s a pun on my last name) and go to school. The first sight I see when I get there is someone from the local all-female school who looks a lot like my friend from there. As I get closer she turns around, or should I say HE turns around. The straightest, football player, guido-tactic guy from my school is dressed in his sister’s school uniform. I walk inside and about 20 more are the same. Cheerleaders, other high schools, or just a sex change, they were all there. Let me tell you, with a school as guido as the Jersey Shore (keep in mind I am from Staten Island), you would NEVER expect anyone like that to dress that way.

Poll closes at Midnight on October 16 (So get your votes in before October 15!)

You may vote once a day.


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