I am a sucker for shock humor when people attempt “challenges.” An example of this that I really enjoyed at the time was the Egg Nog Challenge on MTV’s Jackass. It was just so over the top, and, although it is total gross-out humor, it just gets me every time.

That’s one of the reasons I like to watch Travel Channel’s Man v. Food. There’s always that possibility that, even though every thing he eats looks incredible, he eats so much that he hurls. Actually, I saw one episode where he actually goes away to hurl after drinking a crapload of milkshakes.

Then there are the internet challenges that are just hilarious. This past week, I caught an episode of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, and he introduced me to a challenge that I had never heard of before. That prompted me to reach out to my facebook and twitter contacts and ask, what other challenges are there out there.

People responded with theĀ Saltines Challenge [video] and theĀ Milk Challenge [video]. The one that I saw on Tosh.0 was the Cinnamon Challenge [video], where you have to eat a whole tablespoon of cinnamon. This video was even the video that was showcased on the show, and has had me laughing for days. I highly recommend watching that video.

This whole thing reminded me of my cousin’s crazy “Devil Dog Challenge” which we did during Wrestlemania 22. We had bought a whole bunch of Devil Dogs, and, at a certain point, he handed them out. He told us to wait before we started eating them. We asked what the challenge was, and he was evasive. So we all sat down, and he tells us to eat our Devil Dog on the count of three. He counts down to three, we eat our Devil Dogs, and


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