Can't be just me: Part 1

I don’t know what it is, but I find myself in strange situations at times. If you know me well enough, you know that I relate this to my similarities with the fictional “Larry David” on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m sure this stuff happens to others, but I think on a day-by-day basis, it is more probable to happen to me.

Yesterday, I was involved in two awkward situations.

I had to buy sneakers. I am completely brand loyal and a creature of habit, so, for me, this is actually a very easy process. I walk into a store that carries DC Court Graffik SE in suede, try on a size 10.5, pay, and move along.

Since TSX in Crossgates closed, the best place I’ve found has been Zumies. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the setup there, but basically, it’s a bunch of clothing racks and, in between (aka where you’re supposed to walk), there are stacks of boxes of shoes.

So I walked in; saw the stack of the shoe boxes containing the one I wanted to try on; grabbed the size 10.5 box which was conveniently right on top; walked over to the only bench where you can try shoes on; and did what I needed to do. Mind you, the whole time, the male attendant behind the counter acknowledged me, and I even gave him a head nod, indicating I just wanted to try them on, when I found the box I wanted.

So I try on the first shoe, which was beautifully laced. Awesome! I always try the second shoe on because with this brand, you never know. I did get burned twice. So I crudely lace up the second shoe, slip my foot in, give myself a confirmatory nod (a la Laurel and Hardy), and, all of a sudden, a female attendant comes over. “Sir, you can’t just start throwing your feet into whatever shoe you want off the display wall,” she exclaimed.

I said, “I’m not; I found this box right by that pile over there; all I need to do is try them on and pay.”

She goes, “well, we’re supposed to help you with that.”

Now here is where I’m a victim of circumstance. If they are supposed to help me, first of all, wouldn’t the stock be kept in a storage area, like at a Foot Locker or normal shoe store, where only staff has access, and not in the middle of the store where customers are supposed to walk? Secondly, wouldn’t the guy who knew exactly what I was doing have given me the same hard time if I wasn’t supposed to be doing what I was doing? Also, I didn’t grab any shoes off of a wall. And even if I were lucky enough to fit into the size that is on the wall, what would be wrong with me removing a shoe from the wall to try it on?

So I didn’t engage her at that point. When I finished browsing through the store and made my way to pay, the same young lady was the cashier. So I decided to have a little fun with her. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “I’d like to purchase these, please”

Her: “Just the sneakers, sir.”

Me: “Yes; the sneakers I was throwing my feet into; I’d like to purchase the sneakers I was throwing my feet into.” (Smiling but with emphasis on the word ‘Throwing’ each time)

Her: “That will be {total}.”

Notice that she didn’t verbally react to that. I think she was embarrassed that she actually did that to a customer, and, when I called her out on it, she got even more embarrassed. I don’t blame her for the messed up system they have in place there. But she does have control of what comes out of her mouth, and accusing a customer of “throwing their feet” into sneakers isn’t exactly the most professional thing to do, no matter what the system is.

And I realize I was intentionally confrontational when I went to pay. Why should I have to take that when I’m just trying to give them business?

The color sneakers I found are awesome though.

I’ll post the second situation a little later.


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