Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2007

Fresh off the heels of an epic wedding and even more epic honeymoon all over Italy, it was time to celebrate my birthday in 2007. This was the year of the “Birthday Flip Flop.”

This was a unique year because I actually spent my birthday celebrating someone else’s birthday. Turns out my then wife’s cousin decided to throw her party on the week after her actual birthday which, of course, had to coincide with mine. Luckily, my family was nice enough to celebrate with me the week prior to my birthday. Actually, my parents were even nicer and included Jeff Gorfman in the celebration. Here are some shots from this:

Me ready for cake
Jeff ready for cake
Me and Jeff making wishes
@dompap digging in

So celebrating my birthday was all set at this point. The next step was to remain entertained at the faux Sweet 16. And of course, at the time, it was always my responsibility to entertain myself. So here’s the types of stuff I did to keep my brain occupied:

...the game where you hide behind stuff
...the game where you wish you were playing the shittiest Guitar Hero game ever instead of being at a Sweet 16
when people look at them, you punch them twice in the shoulder.

I don’t really remember what I got for presents that year, but you can almost bet it’s some combination of DVDs and video games.


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