A very relaxing day off…

I get a fairly low amount of vacation days from my job, so when I take a random day off, I like to make it count.

I decided to take the Monday after Cassie’s birthday off from work as vacation knowing that we would most likely have a guest, Humberto Martinez, in town to entertain.

We started off the day with a decent breakfast experience at Quintessence. It’s no Miss Albany Diner, but that’s alright.

We then headed over to Goold Orchards for some pumpkin picking.

It was a kind of sorry looking pumpkin patch, but, hey, at least the place had apple cider and fresh cider donuts.

We then headed up to downtown Saratoga for the hell of it. We even got Cassie to drink from a spring…

We walked down Broadway, had bagel sandwiches at Uncommon Grounds, and then headed to Mrs. London’s for a framboise.

We had slowed down significantly at that point, but we soon headed back to Albany for dinner at Justin’s. It was infuriating.

After our terrible dinner, we headed to The Palace Theater for The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Event.” I have had no exposure to the film or what happens at live shows, so you could imagine how weird I thought it was. It was a fun time winging rolls of paper towels and lighters all over the place.

That was pretty much the end of the day. Very eventful, very hectic, but also very relaxing and fulfilling.

You can read Cassie’s perspective on this sequence of events here.


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