Peaches Cafe – Albany, NY

It had actually been two years since my last visit to this place for breakfast, so I suggested it for a quick stop on the way out on a road trip on a Saturday.

The menu is really no more elaborate than that of a great diner. Eggs have really become a staple in most of my breakfasts, so I focused on finding something interesting on the egg and omelets menu. That morning, I was having trouble deciding between the Texas eggs (Eggs Scrambled with Salsa, Roasted Corn, Pepper, Onion, Cheddar CheeseĀ and Tortilla Chips Over Home Fries – $8.95), the breakfast burrito (Scrambled Eggs, Pepper, Onion, Roasted Corn and Pepperjack Cheese wrapped in a Warm Tortilla, Served with Salsa and Sour Cream. Sorry No Toast. Add $1.75 forĀ Ham or Sausage Mixed in. $8.95), and the southwest potato frittata (Potato, Roasted Corn, Pepper & Onion Cooked into an Open Omelet with Pepperjack Cheese on Top, served with a Side of Salsa. Sorry the Potatoes are in the Omelet. $8.50).

I guess there was a theme to my desires based on the menu. I finally settled on the breakfast burrito with sausage added; it’s a bit of a deviation from the scrambled eggs or omelets that I’m keen of, but it’s always fun to try something different.

I was somewhat disappointed with the size of the portion for the price. From the half of the burrito on the left, you can kind of tell that there’s a significant amount of overhang from the tortilla. In fact, the flour tortilla was doubled around the whole burrito for most of the circumference of it. The flavors inside were quite good. I didn’t find any peppers inside, but the corn and onions were sweet and slightly crunchy. The eggs were soft and slightly on the overcooked side. The sausage was very good, but I don’t think there was anywhere near $1.75 worth inside of the burrito.

The accompaniments were rather disappointing, The salsa looked like it was probably out of a jar or bottle, and the sour cream, served in a container which listed the ingredients, was a prepackaged, formulated product with way more ingredients than what needs to be in sour cream. The fried potatoes were pretty bad. They were unseasoned and simply fried once in a deep fryer. They had a deep color, but became extremely soggy by the time the plate got to the table. Use of the condiments brought to the table was essential.

I can’t say it was a completely horrible meal, but this experience doesn’t leave me very high on the place. Then again, it had been two years since I had been back, so I didn’t exactly expect to be wowed.


7 thoughts on “Peaches Cafe – Albany, NY

  • Deanna

    I worked for years at Peaches through college/grad school. Sometimes they do a really nice job, but often I was embarrassed of the food I served. Your review sounds exactly right.

  • KB @ Home-Baked Happiness

    Funny, I’ve been there quite a few times, and we’ve never had a problem with it. There are better breakfast spots, but there are plenty more worse ones.

  • Chrystal

    It’s been close to 5 years since I’ve been there. The last time I ordered an omelet, I received a pile of sausage and cheese stuck to the plate covered with a giant egg patty, that is not what I consider an omelet. I haven’t been back.

  • Kerosena

    I worked there as a fill-in dishwasher when I was 15. I wouldn’t even eat there back then when my standards were lower and the food was free. I can’t understand why this place still exists. My guess is a change-averse, elderly clientele.

    • KB @ Home-Baked Happiness

      It’s an okay breakfast spot (better than bad, better than diner food), and it’s well-located and easy to find. I’ve been there quite a few times, ’cause it’s easy to find and park at and has a decent breakfast, if we’re looking for somewhere to have breakfast in the Albany direction. Though I don’t think we’ve been there as much since we discovered the Madison Cafe, even though the Madison is harder to get to and park at.

  • Shannon

    This is my sister’s favorite restaurant! I always have a good experience when I go there. Their pancakes are the fluffiest that I’ve eaten in my life.


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