…and derryX dines

I’ve been hinting at some cool things.

I think it’s fun to keep things looking fresh. I’m a total nub when it comes to computer stuff, so it’s great to have the help of my buddy MetalFrog when I come up with irrational ideas that would be fun to see implemented.

During a brainstorming session last year, we stumbled onto the bearded chef, and thought it would be fun to roll it into the I <3 NY homage.

People loved the bearded chef. It was serendipitous that I finalized The Official derryX dines Map right around the same time, so the above image or variants there of have been anchored in the right bar of all blog pages. And people loved the map too!

So it’s only natural that the bearded chef comes with us as we move forward.

I asked MetalFrog to put together some graphics with the bearded chef and a tribute to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” motif.

He delivered big time!


Things here are going to carry on. (Sorry, haters.)

And derryX will continue to dine.

Most of the time, I have a lot of fun keeping this going. And as long as it continues to be fun, I will continue to do it.

The derryX dines features are among the more popular posts, almost paralleled by the now defunct Jersey Shore Recraps. The almost three years of content on the blog continues to resonate and has established a continuity. Positive relationships have sprouted because of what goes on here and through my involvement throughout the local interwebs.

If you follow along on facebook, twitter, or Google+, you probably saw me screwing around with cover images this past weekend. You probably also noticed I updated and streamlined my “Who is derryX?” page. It had been almost three years since I last read what was there, and it was in desperate need of an overhaul. My outlook has transformed a little, but that doesn’t mean that “The Dean” isn’t going to dish out detention from time to time.

The KCADD Banner is now anchored in the right sidebar of the blog with a link to The Official derryX dines Map.

The category buttons at the top of the blog now incorporate the red and yellow. I’m sure I’ll have some other stylistic stuff that I’ll want to change. I always do.

On the logistic end, I want to try to plan some more derryX dines WITH YOU events. The first one, which was almost a year ago at the soon-to-become-Italian Carmine’s Brazilian Grill, was a blast.

The second, which wasn’t announced as such, was a really fun and delicious time at the Capital City Gastropub for a live viewing of the Cambridge Hotel episode of Hotel Hell.

I meant to plan another this past fall, but I guess I fell behind. I’m open to ideas.

For now, KEEP CALM!


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