You’ve probably amassed the first couple of obvious facts about me. I’m a freelance writer who seems to have an obsession with mid to late 90′s professional wrestling.

Out of a desire to network and establish a social media presence, I started “detention with dean derryX” for fun back in 2010. I kept with it, and as things have evolved and my years of experience working as a cook in my family’s Italian specialties shop has peered through my writing, my perspective on dining, cooking, and the NY capital region have become my main focus.

Through my participation with local media, I’ve gotten to know many area personalities, ranging from comedians to journalists to food professionals and restaurateurs. Because of these relationships, I’ve had the opportunity to teach a number of cooking classes in the capital region.

While dining and, in general, food is something for which I have a deep passion, I appreciate the many intricacies of things like training, film, music, and literature. I think all of these things can be fun and a source of enjoyment, so I like having this space to highlight my experiences and hope that sharing with you helps you tailor your own experiences.

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