Update on the big party

You remember the big announcement from a few weeks ago.


In case you missed it and are too lazy to click links (side note: you are!), by popular demand, I’ve decided to arrange a small get together on June 9 to celebrate two increasingly strong years of derryX.com. It’s great that I have so many people who read every week, but it’s even more great that so many people want to participate in events. I think the community that’s developing is a lot of fun, and getting together with people is something I love to do. The most recent derryX Dines WITH YOU event at the all-new Carmine’s Brazilian Grill was super popular, and, from the sounds of it, people had a great time.

It’s not that I even have to sell the event to you. Already, between people who responded on facebook, their family members, and people who responded to me personally, there are already about 30 people who are planning on coming at various points. That’s pretty huge. Luckily, Pig Pit, the chosen starting venue, has plenty of outdoor seating, and is perfect for a gathering of such magnitude. I’m definitely going to call ahead to get them prepared, though, so the better idea I can get of how many are coming, the more helpful it will be to them. I’ve seen lines at Snowman circle the surrounding blocks in Lansingburg, so I don’t really care to notify them.

Anyway, I’m starting to fill in some details about the day.

I’ve figured out what the giveaway prize is going to be.

It’s a brand spanking new, sealed copy of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on DVD that I paid for with money from my wallet. It kind of follows the trend of giving away one of my favorite movies and spreading joy to the world, just like I did last year.

Daniel B. with Pee Wee's Big Adventure (at Snowman)

To win the DVD, you’re going to have to come up with the answer to a question that I ask. I will provide an update with the question on the blog days prior to the event so that you can do your research.

The details of the funpacks are coming together as well. It’s going to be a bunch of fun things, some candy, some small derryX swag, and a special CD. Last year, the CD was a a mix I put together with some of my favorite songs to perform at karaoke. This year, I have something else I’m proud of to give away. It’s still centered around music, but there’s a little more me in it (no it’s not me singing the songs). There are only going to be 20 funpacks (sorry, it’s all I could afford), and they’re going to be first come, first serve, one per family.

So get there early! [I’ll be a little early anyway.]

Also on last year’s CD case was a special barcode that you could scan with your smartphone to access special derryX.com hidden material. This year, I’m doing something similar, but all I’m going to say is that you better bring your smartphone with you to the event to get access to this extra special material. I can almost guarantee that it’s stuff that people would kill for.

I might have one other thing to give away, but I’m trying to figure out some logistics for that.

The layout of the afternoon is going to be pretty straightforward. We eat; we chat; we laugh; we drive to get ice cream; we chat and laugh some more; we go home. One thing I’m really hoping to fit into that sequence as much as possible is using the social media. While we’re having a good time, we could spread the word using your preferred social medium, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, whatever. I’m going to come up with a hashtag and compile the updates after the event. It’s always fun to see what people were saying. Plus I want to make your followers jealous that they didn’t come!

Anyway, keep your eyes open for the next and last post about this before the event. It’s going to have the question for the giveaway and fill in any final details.

We’re two weeks away, and I already can’t wait!


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