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June 9, 2012.

Because of the popularity of last year’s event, and the overwhelming demand for more dining events, I’m going to have a get together to celebrate two years of blogging. It’s one thing to say that you’ve been writing posts that get read online, it’s another thing to have become so intertwined with people and communities that such a get together is organic and fun for more people than just myself.

2 Years of derryX

So the plan is to have lunch at one of my favorite BBQ joints in the area, Pig Pit in Cohoes, and then to head over to Snowman Ice Cream in Lansingburgh for some dessert, maybe even a Monster Boston Shake.

You’ll note that Pig Pit has not made it onto The Official derryX Dines Map yet, even though I talk a lot about how much I like the food there. So, you can consider this an opportunity to be a part of a derryX Dines experience that makes it onto the map!

And I’ve written about Snowman so many times; it’s really the perfect place to stand around and eat ice cream and laugh and have a good time.

Just like last year, where I put together the “1 year of derryX Fun Pack,” I’m working on some more goodies. The details of this are being worked on, but I can already assure you it will be lots of fun!

And also just like last year, there will be a giveaway that will be easy for anyone who follows closely enough to win. Last time, Daniel B. of FUSSYlittleBLOG won it by giving the closest answer to a no-brainer question. This year, pay attention, guys, and don’t let him win again! [Not that I care if he wins, but try to make it competitive this year!]

So, goodies, prizes, surprises, they’re all going to be a part of the day, and so should you! Bring your friends; bring your families!

The details can be found on facebook. The event is public, so feel free to join it. If you are coming and don’t want to go the whole facebook route, let me know via twitter or email. It would be nice to have an idea of who will be there just so I know we’re not ditching anyone when we change venues.

This year, I’m going to try to encourage everybody to take to the social media to spread the word about the party and the blog. We’ll use twitter, facebook, google+, foursquare, instagram, yelp, pinterest, blogs, and anything else we can to let everyone know how great of a time we’re having.


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