derryX DDPYoga Training Update

I’m still working on fulfilling the hours necessary to become certified in DDPYoga. I’m changing the way I’m going to organize these classes. Of the many people who have expressed interest, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback that the times I’ve been selecting to hold public classes haven’t been convenient.

So, going forward, I’d like to schedule classes individually with those interested via email. Please fill out the contact form¬†with the pertinent information (or email/private message me elsewhere) and be sure to include optimal days and times where you have 30 – 60 minutes available (keeping in mind that I work full time Monday-Friday). In order for the training to count toward certification, I need to have a minimum of 2 students per class. If you know someone¬†that is interested and can join us, that’s great! Otherwise, I will try to pair people up based on their availability.

The location I have picked in The Crossings is actually a pretty awesome place to have these classes, but if you know of other (preferably flat) public areas (and even better if you know of an indoor facility), I’m willing to hold these wherever.

I’d like to fit in a few more sessions before the colder weather kicks in.


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