Big news: DDP Yoga Certification


In the last year, the way I approach personal fitness has changed. I used to focus very heavily (pun intended) on weight training and lots of cardio. Since last April, I’ve been really focused on DDP Yoga, and that approach toward working out helped me turbo-charge my own weight loss.

Even after reaching my overall goal, I’ve been able to maintain my body weight just doing the workouts and being smart about my meal choices. Because of the way the workouts flow, just about every movement has a continuum of difficulty, and, with more practice, I’m noticing that I’m barely needing to modify any positions to make them easier. In fact, I’m gaining significant strength and flexibility to move toward the advanced movements. Plus, I’m learning about how the movements work the different parts of the body and how to put them together to make my own custom workout.

derryX DDP Yoga June 2014

So, my big announcement is that I’m turning this whole experience into something personally rewarding: I’m working toward completing the requirements for certification in DDP Yoga. I really want to give myself a concrete goal toward reaching the next level. I also would like to expand my teaching experience from chemistry and food into fitness, and this would be a great way to do that. I’ve heard that some of the other certified instructors have taught at places ranging from gyms to yoga studios to martial arts dojos to gyms, and there are plenty of all of those in the area (and world)!

I’ve pretty much met the requirements as far as the number of hours logged practicing the workouts, so I’m excited about that. One of the other things I’ll need to do is log some hours teaching some of the workouts. I’m working on getting some information about how this works.

Stay tuned!!!


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