Andrew Dice Clay INSULTS me (Cameo) – What is the BEST birthday cake flavor cake mix?

*NOT CLICKBAIT* Cassie got me Andrew Dice Clay on Cameo since we were supposed to be in Montreal for Just For Laughs (CANCELLED!) to see him.

What is the GREATEST food of all time ? Kicking off my birthday

I posed the question on all social media platforms and the responses were INTERESTING! What is the greatest food of all time for you? This is how I’m kicking off my birthday.

Mom & Dad talk about gym class and bacon | Making the BEST MOZZ again

Mom & Dad came to visit. They brought the whole garden, a cake, 10 lbs of mozzarella cheese curd, and some stories about gym class and bacon!

MASTERS of the WWE Universe Action Figures + LYF SUPPLY Unboxing

I had to break out the nWo Heavyweight Championship for this one! I got a box of CUSTOM CLOTHES from LYF Supply. PLUS I show off my latest Masters of the WWE Universe Action Figure Haul.

I am taking the Steve Martin MasterClass … AGAIN

I need to repeat the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy MasterClass. Not because I failed, but because I didn’t finish!

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 Volume 1 GOOD and BAD

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 edition is really great. I watched Volume 1 the day it came out and IT IS AWESOME! They even brought back the original Unsolved Mysteries THEME MUSIC.

I had a happy Father’s Day 2020 + Dairy Queen Blizzard FAIL

Cassie and Noah put together A BUNCH of nice things for Father’s Day this past weekend.

Playhouse Phone Prank BACKFIRES for Noah’s 4th Birthday

It was just Noah’s 4th Birthday, and we got him this CRAZY playhouse that has a phone. With a little plastic wrap, I came up with a funny prank to start our PRANK WAR!

Don’t wait for the perfect day that never comes

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you keep sitting around waiting for the perfect time to do something you want to do, you might be waiting a long time.

DDP YOGA Workout Montage VLOG – How I upload to YouTube 👍

VLOG TIME! A day in the life of editing a video, posting a different video to YouTube, and a bunch of other things including my first workout in MONTHS!