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November 28, 2012

Usually, I get my Christmas shopping done pretty early in the year, sometimes before Thanksgiving. This year, I’m a little behind, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking for good deals online.

I visit Amazon a lot, and their banner ads are usually fairly forgettable. There was one this past Monday for their “Cyber Monday” deals that caught my eye.

First of all, it’s “Cyber Monday Deals Week.” Last time I checked, Monday is a day…

Second, they are pretty much taunting people to access from work to take advantage of the deals which, third of all, are supposed to make going to work fun. Oh, and nothing describes “fun” like Dyson vacuum cleaners.

C’mon Amazon; you can do better.

(Also, Cyber Monday sounds dirty.)

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  • Ro says:

    They are ruthless. Nice graphic though.

  • -R. says:

    While I wouldn’t call my Dyson fun per se, I do think it’s an effective device, for what it’s worth…

    • derryX says:

      I absolutely agree. I have “The Monster,” which I have dubbed “Mike Dyson,” and I wouldn’t ever buy a different brand.

  • -R. says:

    I’ve got an older purple “Animal” model, going on a good six or seven years. It still sucks big time. By contrast, we have a “Ball” model at work that’s only three or four years old, and it’s not built nearly so well (but it too continues to suck), and is slowly dropping the occasional part here and there. The longevity prognosis is not good.

  • MetalFrog says:

    Nothing sucks like a Dyson, bro.

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