Welcome, Noah Jacob

Jerry and Cassie share the joy of the birth of their child.

derryX Wrestlemania 32 Menu (Updated)

Jerry lays out his food and beverage programs for Wrestlemania 32…

Strange sequence of events at Starbucks

Jerry doesn’t know what he keeps witnessing.

No such thing as a free Chipotle lunch

Jerry talks about how a free burrito at Chipotle led to some less than desirable interactions and observations.

The Quadrants in January 2016

Jerry shares some of his highlights from January 2016.

Whatever comes to mind

Jerry talks about whatever comes to mind.

The Buffer Seat

There’s an unwritten rule about where you sit in a movie theater when there aren’t many people there. They talked about it on Seinfeld, and it’s just common sense.

Welcome to a new era!

Jerry introduces a new make, model, and paint job for derryX.com

Get ready for the end…

A shift is about to occur…

Things need to evolve…

derryX lays out some things that are changing…