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I Went Back To Eat My First Banh Mi. Was The Owner Mad?

After a STELLAR experience with My First Pho at Pho Yum in Albany NY, I went back and, per the owner’s recommendation, tried their Classic Ham Banh Mi. But was the owner mad?

Old-School Italian Sub BIGGER Than My Forearm

JC’s Central Deli Has Old-School Classics, but Do They Have A Good Italian Mix?


HATTIES in Saratoga Springs makes LEGENDARY fried chicken. Chef-owner Jasper Alexander even competed against Bobby Flay in a Fried Chicken Throwdown. I tried both their CLASSIC chicken sandwich and The BIG DADDY, Nashville-style. One was good; the other… 🎬 (What Makes This CHICKEN SANDWICH Illusive?) SUBSCRIBE NOW: 🎬 CHICKEN SANDWICH WARS Playlist – SUPPORT👕 GENERAL MERCH –👕 FAMOUS derryX LICIOUS MERCH –☕ BUY ME COFFEE!✉️ FREE BOOK! PLAYLISTS🍔 RECIPES –🍴 DERRYX DINES –🍸 COCKTAILS –☕ COFFEE – CONNECTderryX ► http://derryX.comTwitter ► ► ► ► On YouTube:

I Ate My First Pho. Was It Full Of Yum?

It’s About Time I Try My First Pho. Pho is a savory Vietnamese rice noodle dish that really warms the soul, but was my pho experience full of yum at Pho Yum in Albany

They Cooked A Croissant Like A Bagel At This Coffee Shop

CROWING HEN COFFEE COMPANY in Guilderland is Up To Some Crazy Stuff…like Cooking A Croissant Like a Bagel.

What Makes This CHICKEN SANDWICH Illusive?

llusive Restaurant and Bar is saying EFF POPEYES! In addition to a full menu of creative stuff, they have a Chicken Sandwich Wars Contender…

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Might NOT Actually Be The Best In 2022

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Might Have Started The Wave, But Is It Still On Top?

The Biggest ITALIAN SUB I Ever Seen

Deli Raffaele has THE BIGGEST ITALIAN SUB I EVER SEEN! Plus Imports, Pizza, and other specialties.

A NEW Chicken Sandwich I Was First To Try

West Ave Pizza In Saratoga Springs is expanding to West Ave Chicken. Mario Cardenas’s fried chicken menu next door features multiple crispy chicken sandwiches.

Is This Pub and Brewery As Great As Everyone Says?

Druthers is a Brewery and Pub with Locations in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Schenectady.