XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 9

I guess derryX thinks I should react more to what happens after reading some of the comments on previous posts, so I’m gonna.

We start out with Snooki and the guy that she slept with. She kicks him out of bed for being a bad snuggler, which is ridiculous.

Vinny wakes up Situation and Deena to go to work at the t-shirt shop. They seem to only want to goof off. What else do you really do in a t-shirt shop anyway? On the boardwalk, they play $100 worth of that game you throw a softball in a wicker basket to try to win a little bike. Situation just buys it outright from the vendor. Crazy.

Ronnie’s dad comes down to support him. He convinces Ron to stay in the house. At home, Ron gets on the motorbike and so do the others. It moves pretty good for something that looks like it’s built for a 3 year old.

Jen calls some guy who tells her that the guy Snooki slept with is friends with these other two dudes she hooked up with. Vinny fights the toilet again, but he can’t clean it. Vinny and Snooki banter and she gets upset. Ohh the sexual angst…

Everyone goes out and the banter continues. Some guy who claims to know Jwoww’s boyfriend starts talking to her, and she thinks he’s hitting on her, so they all leave. Snooki and Vinny cuddle. Vinny tries kicking her out of the bed but she passes out and he goes away.

Ronnie calls Sam, and she tells him she wants to just be friends. Ron has issues with that. He’s nuts and tells her she is his life.

Snooki and Deena are being really annoying and put marshmallows all over everything in the house. Mike gets on the phone and they bother him to get off so they can call a cab. He gets off and calls the cab himself, but he has it send them to Times Square instead of a place called Jenkins.

The guys go out to eat, and leave Mike at home because he’s taking too long. Mike finds Jen at home and starts plotting revenge on the guys. Jen drives Mike to pick up take out food. He gets a ton of food, as do the other guys who are eating in a restaurant.

Sam leaves her house to go back to the Jersey Shore house.

Snooki and Deena finally catch on that they’re heading toward New York City. They get the driver to turn around and rant and rave in the car.

The guys get home from dinner, and Mike is really upset. He calls them out on it. Snooki and Deena get home, and Snooki calls Mike a jerkoff. He probably is one.

Snooki tells Vinny she is pissed at him. They let it go. Everyone goes out on the boardwalk. The episode ends with Ron realizing Sam returned to the house, and we’re back to that boring shit again.

It was a pretty stupid episode after others this season so far, but at least Ron and Sam didn’t fight.

Episode rating – 2.5/5


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