XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 8

The episode stars with a quick recap of Sam leaving the house.

Ronnie is dealing with the aftermath. He’s crying, even in the interview. Mike hangs out with him and says some nice things to help him deal with it. Ronnie doesn’t like listening to him about relationship advice.

Sammi arrives home and is greeted by her mom and dog. She tells her mom what happened, and her mom validates her leaving.

Ron goes down to the girls and tries to get them to disclose what Sam has told them.

Ron goes to talk to Vinny and Pauly. He goes away. Snooki and Deena smoosh cake in Vinny’s face, and Vinny and Pauly declare a prank war. Vinny fills balloons with water, but drops them. Then he takes a bag with the dog’s feces and puts it in Snooki’s bed. The girls find it and put it in Vinny’s bed. He takes Snooki’s favorite stuffed animal and hangs it over the balcony. Snooki freaks out looking for it. Mike leads her to it. Vinny actually calls Mike out on it, and they argue over it. Vinny calls Mike “Snitch-uation.” HAHAHA!

Ronnie clogs the toilets in the house (all three of them), and Vinny is left to deal with it. They need to call a plumber.

Jen, Vinny, and Mike talk about Ronnie and come to the conclusion that they don’t have Single Ronnie. When Ronnie gets home, he ships roses to Sam for three days in a row and also ships roses to Sam’s sister for her birthday.

The girls move Sam’s stuff into their room just in case she comes back, and the guys all go for haircuts. The girls hurry to get it done while the guys are driving back. When Ron sees it, he thinks that Sam came back to get her stuff. The girls deny that they moved the stuff (which makes no sense). Jenni calls Sam, and the purpose of the call is not clear. This all leads Ron to not trust anyone in the house.

Sam’s sister calls Ron to thank him for the flowers he got her, and Sam gets on the phone. He pretty much immediately hangs up on her.

Vinny finds some women’s underwear that are gross while he’s getting ready. Nobody is willing to claim them. They come to the conclusion that they belong to someone they brought home.

They go out to Karma. Vinny sees an ex-girlfriend, and Mike jumps right in between them and tries to take her home. Ronnie is awkward and depressed at the club. Snooki talks to Ron and tries to convince him that he and Sam don’t belong together. Ron doesn’t want to hear it.

Snooki meets a dude at the Karma. His name is Gianni; she brings him home.

Deena gets upset because everyone makes fun that she’s constipated. Ron actually gives her a pep talk and cheers her up.

Snooki takes Gianni to the smush room. Vinny recognizes the guy as the dude from earlier this season who c*ckblocks him by entering with a guy who says he’s a girl’s uncle. Vinny busts in on Snooki and this guy and reinacts the scene from that earlier episode. Snooki goes back in and starts sleeping with the guy. She can’t remember his name.

Vinny is getting it on with a girl and Mike intrudes with a burger. He makes Vinny take a bite before he leaves.

Deena tells Ron that she helped move Sam’s stuff. Ron throws out the idea that he wants to go home, and that’s where it ends.

This episode was mainly focused on Ronnie, and I’m getting tired of that whole situation. There was enough entertaining stuff to keep me interested. Solid episode.

Episode Rating – 3/5


6 thoughts on “XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 8


    the dirty panties were disgusting

  • Darth

    I’m liking the idea of Derry’s protege writing and discussing Jersey Shore, but I think the summaries are too long and don’t have enough personal opinion in them. I’d like to see each episode critiqued more than just summarized.

    The summary doesn’t make me want to watch or not watch Jersey Shore. There is nothing pursuading me either way because it’s so bland.

    Please don’t take this as an attack – I in now way mean it to be that way. I would just like to see it be more subjective instead of objective, if that makes sense. Editorialize it. Tell me you were grossed out by the idea that Deena couldn’t poop. Add a story about how Snooki getting it on reminds you of watching elephants at the zoo. Something more interesting than just what happened, you know?

    • derryX

      I understand what you mean. The posts are intended to recap the episodes, and I’ve been urging him to add more subjective views. This week, there are a couple of paranthetical reactions, which I think are good.

      He’s learning, albiet slow, but they’re getting better.

      • Darth

        Yeah. I’m just trying to give some constructive criticism to help him out, you know? I’m no expert on blogs, but I read a lot of them and know what hooks me as a reader. Most blogs I read are written by people who stand out from the rest of the Internet – such as yourself. You gotta create that niche that makes people want to waste their time reading your page instead of someone else’s.


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