XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 7

The episode starts with the usual Sam and Ron drama. <Snooze> Mike talks to Sam, and Sam just walks away. She says she’ll forgive for Miami but she won’t forget. Mike seems to be playing both sides. Ron is listening the whole time.

Ron tells Pauly and Deena that he knows about Mike going behind his back. Ron and Pauly go out on the boardwalk. Sam and Deena do the same thing and get drinks. Sam sees Ron and thinks he’s with some girl. She tries to get back at him by flirting with guys.

Ron alludes at the fact that he’s going to start with Mike. When Mike gets home, shit hits the fan, and Mike stands up to Ron. Ron insists that Mike is not his boy, and Mike apologizes.

Jen has Roger over because he’s going away. They go out for mexican food. At the restaurant, people keep approaching them. They seem to know Roger. Jen gets annoyed.

Ron and Sam sit down and talk. Ron justifies what he did in Miami. Sam tells him that he did her wrong. Ron leaves the conversation after getting tired of arguing for seven days in a row.

Snooki and Deena talk to Sam and tell her that she doesn’t need to hook up with guys to get back at Ron. Ron decides to go out with the guys. Ron and Sam fight about whether they’re together or not. Ron makes it clear that he’s gonna be spiteful and starts throwing her stuff outside. Mike tries to break it up, and gets everyone else to help out. Ron tries picking up her bed while she’s in it. The rest of the crew physically get in between them while they fight pretty violently.

The fight gets really crazy and goes on for a while. Ron keeps putting her stuff outside. The guys go out, and Deena and Snooki want to dress Sam up. Snooki is all slutted up. They go upstairs and Sam realizes her bed is gone. They go to move her bed down the stairs. Deena and Snooki have problems getting it down the stairs.

Everyone goes to the same club, Aztec. Sam immediately starts soliciting hot guys. They show her grinding on some guy. Ron is getting super jealous and even says he wants to wring her neck. The guys take him home to avoid having him arrested. When Ron gets home, he continues destroying her stuff.

When Sam gets home, she is really upset that all her stuff is ruined. She approaches Ron and shows him her broken glasses. Ron justifies his actions based on the argument that she disrespected him at the club. He calls her a piece of shit for grinding with the other dude.

Jen dresses up in a really slutty outfit for Roger. Snooki says Jen is “pornstar hot.”

Deena and Snooki are out for food and some guy brings them shots. Snooki tells him she can see his wiener, and he leaves.

Sam talks to the girls. Sam tells them that she wants to go home so she can move on. While she’s leaving, Vinny tries to get Sam to stay. Vinny tells Ron, and Ron can’t believe it. While Sam is telling Mike and Pauly that she’s leaving, Ron comes upstairs and makes Sam talk to him. Ron tells Sam he’s gonna let her go and they both cry in each other’s arms.

Pauly calls out, “CABS R HEA!”

Sam leaves and Ronnie is out on the deck. Mike goes to console Ron and the episode ends.

Decent episode, but the fighting is definitely old.

Episode Rating – 3/5


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