XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 6

The episode starts out where episode 5 left off. Jenni is hanging out at the club with Sammi and Ronnie. When everyone gets home, Ronnie is hammered; he gets sick to the point of puking. Snooki is also hammered and sleeps where Jenni’s puppies are sleeping.

The next morning, Ronnie is having gastrointestinal bleeding issues and goes to the doctor for it. The doctor feels around down there and tells him the bleeding is due to alcohol abuse [I find this difficult to believe].

While getting ready to go out, Deena and Snooki are drooling over Pauly. A few of Ronnie’s friends show up, and they all go out together. Deena wants to hook up with one of Ronnie’s friends. Also, Snooki meets a dude and brings him home. Snooki is about to hook up with him, but has her period. Deena goes to snuggle with Ronnie’s friend and actually ends up sleeping with him. [She makes a comment that she’s not giving out Halloween Candy for free, yet she does]

The next morning, Snooki’s guy, Jeff, are hanging out in the house, and she makes him play with the stripper pole. He knocks it down, and they end up going to the boardwalk. Jeff tells Snooki he was engaged (he backpedals and says it was a promise ring), and she flips out. She makes him leave, and he keeps calling. Pauly picks up the phone once and messes with the dude. Snooki keeps calling the guy a “jerkoff.”

The guys go GTL and food shopping. Ronnie asks the girls to clean the table and refrigerator. The girls go to the sex shop and try on a bunch of sexy costumes. When the guys get home, the table is clean but the refrigerator is not. The guys complain within themselves that the girls don’t do anything. Ronnie takes this up with Sammi specifically, which leads to awkwardness.

Ronnie is cooking vodka sauce, and Sammi makes a comment that he never cooks for her. He takes offense to that and says he makes breakfast for her everyday. He also says the only thing he doesn’t do is wipe her ass. At the actual dinner, there is a lot of awkwardness.

They show Snooki and Jenni at work, goofing around.

Sam is getting ready to go out (straightening her already straightened hair, according to The Situation), and Ronnie gets pissed at her for some unknown reason; he’s also not going out. It’s just Deena and the guys going out, after Sammi changes her mind. Pauly sees his stalker girl and acutally brings her home.

At home, Sammi and Snooki are talking about Sammi and Ronnie’s situation. Then Sammi is arguing with Ronnie in their room. Ronnie explodes and calls her a waste of time. The episode ends with Sammi telling Ronnie that she’s going to move her stuff out of the room the next morning.

This episode was ok. Nothing great happened. Just more of the same old Sammi/Ronnie drama, which is definitely getting really old.

Episode Rating – 3/5


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