XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 4

This closes out a big week for Jersey Shore. There was already one jam-packed episode Monday, and just three days later, they aired another solid episode.

The episode starts with the aftermath of Snooki’s arrest, but really focuses on a conflict between Jenni and her boyfriend, Tom. After calling Snooki’s dad, Jenni calls Tom to tell him Snooki got arrested. She starts to cry, and, instead of comforting her, Tom gets on her about her behavior the previous night. They hang up on each other a couple of times, and then the police calls to tell them to pick up Snooki.

Jenni and Deena have to explain to Snooki what she was doing because she doesn’t remember. Snooki calls her dad who is very understanding and gives her a fatherly lecture along with sentiments that he is disappointed in her. After the call, Jenni talks to Snooki and tells her that when she finds love, her alcohol problem will just go away.

Deena goes out with Mikey, Vinny, and Pauly (MVP). They show her partying and making out with girls. Deena meets a guy who has an uncanny resemblance to Ronnie. MVP keep calling him Ronnie and make a number of jokes. They even bring him back to the house and try to substitute him in bed for Ronnie. The funny thing is that Ronnie seems to know this guy, Dean, and Dean also has a girlfriend named Sam (He at no point tells Deena and event tells her he’s “as single as they come”).

Deena and Dean hang out in the hot tub and then decide to snuggle. Pauly and Vinny are in the living room joking about writing a note to Bizarro Sam and telling her that “Ronnie” is cheating on her. Deena says she gave Dean a “sneak peak.” The next morning, real Sam tells Deena that Dean has a girlfriend. Deena tells her that he didn’t get any the night before.

Everybody goes out, and there’s a lot of focus on Jenni spending time with Roger. After they get back, Tom calls and gets upset with Jenni because she’s being short with him. She tells him that she loves him, and he just hangs up. Jenni makes plans with Roger to hang out on the boardwalk with his friend and Deena.

Snooki has a serious chat with Jenni and tells her that she doesn’t want to drink any more. Vinny and Pauly invade the conversation playing with Flip Video Cameras. They make fun of Tom and Jenni’s boobs.

A few of the crew go to work. Pauly tells Jenni that she needs to do whatever makes her happy. Jenni and Snooki sneak away from work to hang out on the boardwalk with Roger and his friend, Nick. They make plans for a double date on the boardwalk, and when they get home, Snooki gets it on with Nick. According to Jenni, she and Roger just sleep in the same bed together.

The next day, Tom calls, and Jenni leaks that she’s been spending time with Roger. In the background, Pauly is making jokes about Jenni sleeping with Roger. Tom gets upset which makes Jenni upset, and she hangs up on him. The next time she calls Tom, some other guy picks up and tells her that he moved out and didn’t do anything about her dogs.

Jenni grabs Snooki and drives to her house to pick up her dogs. She finds that her bed, her favorite watch, a hard drive, and probably some money are missing. She breaks down, cries, and says “I don’t deserve this!” She makes a dramatic statement that her home is in Jersey and not in Long Island.

This was an awesome episode that kept things moving along. Lots of great humor; lots of great drama.

Episode Rating – 4.5/5


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