XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 3

This was a “bonus” episode that MTV gave us to get a strong lead into their new show, Skins. It was a very strong episode of Jersey Shore, and a lot happened.

The episode starts with Sam and Ron having a brief argument. The main focus at the start of the episode is Snooki’s drinking problem. She is on a bender, starting at 11am going all the way through the night. She starts groping at Vinny and tells him that she “wants to see Seabiscuit.”

Deena seems to have a thing for Mike, and Snooki tries helping her out by faking Mike into thinking there was a possibility of a 3-way. Snooki sneaks away when things get too hot, and gets into bed with Vinny. She leaves disappointed because Vinny doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

Snooki and Paulie go GTL, and Sam accuses Ron of some kind of bad behavior. She has nothing solid, and it only angers Ron. They show Mike in the car with Ron, and Mike tries to advise that Ron is in love with the Sam he met a year ago, and that she has changed.

Vinny, Sam, and Snooki go work at the t-shirt shop. Sam pulls Snooki aside in front of Paulie and apologizes for being the way she’s been since Miami. Snooki accepts the apology and asks her, “OMG why were you like that?” to which Sam replies, “I don’t know.” When Sam gets home, she pulls Deena aside and apologizes for pulling her in to the conflict with Snooki and Jenni. Deena seems mature and understanding about it. Snooki and Deena tell this to Jenni who basically says she doesn’t ever want to be cool with Sam.

They go to a club, and Deena gets kicked out. Mike says it was within 6 minutes and 53 seconds of arriving there. Jen starts talking to a guy, Roger, whom she says she has feelings for. They show Jen and Snooki go upstairs in the club and have their own party. Jen has to go to the bathroom and does so under the bar. She rinses it with the soda hose.

Paulie encounters a girl who stalks him, and when he calls her out, she walks passed him and throws water. Vinny and Mike go home with DTFs, and Paulie does not, so he just goes to sleep. Ron throws about 3 pounds of turkey burgers, wax paper and all, onto the grill and seemingly makes a mess. They cut back to Ron, and all of the turkey burgers look perfect.

Ron, Vinnie, and Snooki go to work at the t-shirt shop. Snooki is a mess and is wearing the same clothes from the club the previous night. Snooki doesn’t take work seriously at all, and they show her trying to sneak away for beer, and then sneaking away for fried pickles and a Long Island iced tea. After work, Snooki gets drunk on the boardwalk, and she does body shots with an old couple. In a drunken stupor, she runs up and down the boardwalk looking for the beach, which is right in front of her.

When Snooki gets on to the beach, Jen and Deena try to get her off the beach. It takes some help from the police to get her to leave, and, once she is on the boardwalk, after verbally berating the cops, they arrest her.

Jen calls Snooki’s dad, and the episode ends.

Lots of great stuff this episode!

Episode rating – 5/5


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