XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 2

This episode picks up right where episode 1 left off: with Jenni and Sammi swinging at each other. There’s about 20 seconds of shaky cameras and bodyguards getting involved, but it gets broken up without any real casualties. Jenni says, “it’s gonna be an interesting summer.” I think Ronnie and Sammi try to make it more than it is by showing Ronnie inspecting her face to make sure she wasn’t bruised. It all leads into a verbal altercation between Snooki and Sammi where Snooki just keeps yelling down to Sammi.

They then focus on Sam accompanying the guys to the gym. The other girls, who go tanning instead, make fun of her and say Sammi is probably watching Ronnie lift, and then the camera cuts to the gym where she’s following Ronnie around.

They show the crew getting ready to go out. The usual Paulie D. catch phrases “Cabs-r-hea” and “t-shirt time” are back. They focus on The Situation coming down stairs and awkwardly looking at himself in a mirror. This was absolutely ridiculous. Vinny makes fun of it on the way out.

They show the crew at the club, and mainly focus on a girl who keeps following Vinny around. It’s starting to look like the D-list star power these kids have is starting to get them recognized in public. The way the show is edited, it looks like the girl is following him no matter where he goes. He hides in a group of people and says, “that’s how you dodge a grenade,” but, to his dismay, she’s right there. They also show Snooki in a bush. Yeah.

When they get back, J-woww drunk dials her boyfriend to tell him she lost a bracelet. He sounds pissed. After a minute or two of awkwardness, he tells her “happy anniversary” and hangs up. She forgot about their anniversary.

Meanwhile, Vinny and Mike brought home a girl. Vinny takes the girl into a room and locks the door, and they focus on Mike trying to get in. He’s really persistent and won’t leave Vinny alone. It seems to fizzle away after a few minutes.

They show the crew cooking and eating “Sunday Dinner” which is some filet mignon. Jenni reveals that she doesn’t care at all about Sammi. Snooki and Deena are outside playing with a ball, and, when the ball goes over the gate, Snooki claims that they have to get the ball back so they can continue having a good time. A few minutes is dedicated to their attempting to retrieve the ball. Vinny finally jumps in and helps, after rigging some household supplies together.

The rest of the episode starts to set up a conflict between Sammi and Ronnie, one that, according to the preview of the season last week, leads to Ronnie confiding in J-woww and Sammi punching Ronnie in the face.

I personally can’t wait for that!

Episode rating – 2.5/5 stars


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