All this social media…(Protege Post)

Hello everyone. I’m derryX’s protégé, Xprotege. I am very new to the whole social media thing and it’s quite overwhelming. derryX made me start by making a twitter page. When I was in college, I used myspace a little, but not as much as the people around me. I really didn’t get it. We were all at the same college and knew the same people, yet everybody had to comment on peoples pages. Facebook started to take over myspace toward the end of college for me, and it just seemed like another silly incarnation of IM on a web page. That’s kind of how twitter seems. Like you IM someone and then anyone can respond. I never signed up for a facebook account.

What was really new to me was putting a # in front of a word to get even more random people to respond. derryX sent me to the SMBTV event last week and this worked really well. I picked up a bunch of followers and people who replyed to me. That was another thing I don’t understand. Following people. derryX gave me a list of people to follow, but I have no idea why. Many of those people were nice and followed me back, and looking at conversations between derryX and these people on twitter make me think they are friends in real life, but some people just seem random. I guess the way I will figure it out is by following people who are nice or who follow me.

I want to start my own blog one day. That’s why I took derryX up on the protégé job. I really don’t know what to do for my blog though. I’ve been reading derryX’s blog for a while, and he does a lot of cool stuff, but I want to do different things. derryX told me to read a few blogs on the Times Union web page, and I do that all the time, but nothing is giving me good ideas for concepts that I can write about. I also really stink at drawing or taking pictures. I’m sure derryX will give me ideas. He always thinks of good stuff.


2 thoughts on “All this social media…(Protege Post)

  • derryX


    This ia a decent post. Part of my role as dean and mentor is to critique you. I feel it’s best to do so in a public manner so that I may educate others in the process as well.

    Your grade for this post is C+. I tried fishing through looking for a point, and I couldn’t really find one other than you reaching out to other readers for an angle. While readers will chime in with good ideas, I doubt they will actually help you arrive at the angle that one day catches on.

    Also, your writing is a little “all over the place.” The first paragraph jumps from idea to idea with no indication of what you’re trying to say. Also, your punctuation usage is poor at times. One thing that will easily steer readers away is poor grammar and punctuation; remember that.

    Keep up the good work. I’m sure with more practice and a more distinct point to what you’re writing about, your writing will improve.


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