All your Mass Effect are belong to us…

Zero Wing intrudes Mass Effect

Video Game Review – WarioWare DIY

Come read about what derryX thought about this installment in the franchise…

Xbox Live Subscription Price to Increase

Is it a big deal that Microsoft announced a $10/year hike in Xbox Live pricing?

Big things are coming

I was away this past weekend on sort of a retreat to visit my parents. On my retreat, I’ve been working on a few things that are to come for this blog in the upcoming week (maybe more). I’ve been in touch with the guys who run MANville, and as mentioned on part 2 of last week’s podcast, I will be on the show presenting a special segment on beers. I’ve actually been spending a lot of money for “research,” and it’s going to be something that everyone, especially beer drinkers, will enjoy. If you subscribe on iTunes now, you’re guaranteed to get it as soon as it’s available. I also spent some time this weekend making a leap backRead More

“Jerry Awesome”

Learn the true meaning of Jerry Awesome and come see what a Mexican Stretch Buster is.

The twitch…

All good things must come to an end, and, with that said, so must the suspense behind the elusive “The Twitch” post. So without any further ado, behold, ladies and gentlemen… HULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! The one that started it all… Politicians George W. Bush doing the twitch Sarah Palin saying, “HULLLLLLLLLLL!!!” Comedians Harland Williams is feeling a little twitchy. Paul F. Tompkins does the twitch all day long. People you know and love derryX twitching all over the place dompap twitching over Cherry Coke Big Mike Walsh about to say, “POOOOOOOOO” metalfrog twitching for the cause derryX with an impromptu twitch due to outside interference from metalfrog 8-bit naked Mike Tyson doing the twitch So, I will ask you all: DO YOURead More

Ba Ha Dugginich

This story may have been told on my original Blogger blog, but I’m not sure. It’s just been prominent in my head for some reason in the past few days, so I’m gonna re-tell it for the millionth time. I was huge into Mortal Kombat II when it was in the arcades. I used to go constantly to the mall and to Burt’s Sportsplex in middlegare to play it. The difficulty dip settings on the machines in the mall were set much lower than at Burt’s, so, if there were very few people playing at the mall, I could easily get to Kintaro. There were some other regulars too. There was BEV Lowes, a heavy set guy who worked atRead More

Wow! This is graphic!

We were playing Super Nintendo one day at a neighbor’s house, and this kid (TY) that nobody really hung out with much brought over a game called Baseball Simulator 1000. It was a standard baseball game where the gimmick was that there were special weapon pitches and batters. Ohh yeah, and the players were robots. So it was a pretty wacky game. It had a decent look, and was actually a pretty decently balanced video game considering that it was a sports game. The sound kind of stunk, but the graphics were cool. Well, we all got tired of playing the game, so we started hitting the speed bag that they had in the basement. Well TY decided that heRead More

Pick 5: Best Video Games Ever

“Pick 5” is going to be a gimmick that I run here, to try and get some good discussions going. I’ll pick 5 of whatever I want, and you can pick your 5 or comment on my five… Okay, so here’s my picks for some of the best video games ever. These are based on my personal experiences and purchases, so this is in no way fact and are in no particular order. Keep reading after for a little bonus. Ducktales (NES) – This was one of the first games I ever played that had an entire plot and a non-linear storyline. You played as Uncle Scrooge and your goal was to collect all of your money which has been stolenRead More