Pick 5: Titles to own on Blu Ray over Standard DVD

  1. The Dark Knight – From the sound perspective alone, this is a no brainer. It comes with a Dolby TruHD 5.1 track, which is the same thing they adapted for IMAX. Also, there are alot of great dark and bright scenes to show off your HD TV.
  2. LOST Season 5 – Surround sound is awesome. And since this was filmed in and mastered in HD, there’s great detail everywhere. The best is how they visually enhance the greens and blues on the island using optical filters. Seriously an awesome HD experience.
  3. Watchmen – Although I’m a comic book fan, I’m not going to preach about how they ruined the book and yadda yadda. Watchmen was a great movie and the Blu Ray is another example of an amazing high definition transfer that maximizes your viewing experience.
  4. Transformers/Transformers 2 – Ok they aren’t the best movies out there, but in the last 5 years, there haven’t been many movies to utilize as much CGI as these. The Blu Rays look and sound incredible.
  5. Star Trek – A great film and an awesome HD experience. It was kind of a reimagining that incorporated original continuity in a unique way. The glaring light effects are somewhat annoying at times, but overall, you really can’t sit there, watch it and say the Blu Ray sucks. Because it doesn’t!

Bonus: If you own a Blu Ray player, you need to buy yourself Road House. First of all, it’s amazing, and the Blu Ray is great. Second, at most retailers, for under $10, you get the Blu Ray and DVD version. And you’re gonna need both because, once you see it, you’re gonna want to bring it everywhere with you.


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