You can always go – Downtown (Disney)

We spent the good part of an afternoon in Downtown Disney. They say Downtown is more adult themed, and, sure there are more restaurants and clubs that are open later, but there’s as much stuff for kids in Downtown Disney as anywhere else. It turns out most of it is shops.

This is the first thing I saw when I got Downtown:

Sysco Truck

We walked around the shops for a bit.

Christmas shop

Lego Star Wars

At some point in the morning, we saw a Ghirardelli shop that had milkshakes and coffee and other goodies.


Of course I had a chocolate mint milkshake. It was incredible.

Chocolate mint milkshake

After lunch at Rainforest Cafe, we went to DisneyQuest.


This place was really cool. There were multiple floors with different fun activities to do. We played this virtual reality sword fighting thing that was a lot of fun. On every floor, there are tons of arcade games, some classic, some new. That really sucked me in for a while, but there was no Mortal Kombat machine. At least they had Galaga.


Arcade machines

Karate Champ


There was an entire room with multiple cabinets of a game called “Fix It Felix Jr.” which I had never heard of. As it turns out, it’s plucked from a movie called Wreck It Ralph that I never saw.

Me with Wreck it Ralph
I’m bigger

On the way out, you can design your own screwed up toy a la Andy from Toy Story. This was a lot more lame than it sounded.

Andy's Create a toy

On our way walking back through the park, we stopped for the worst churro in history.

Churro stand

This churro sucked.
This churro sucked.

Once we got tired of being there, we went back to our hotel to get ready for our dinner back at Epcot. I had seen just about everything I needed to see in Downtown Disney. While most of it was fun, I don’t see the need to spend much more than half a day there.


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