Yelp is the most incredible thing ever

A week or so ago, I tweeted about what I thought was the greatest food review ever written, which I found on Yelp at least 2 years ago. I guess it was funny or ironic enough to get noticed by All Over Albany, who shared the review with their following. I’ve been talking about this review forever, and you’ve probably seen me mention it here on the blog at least once.

Many people in the foodie subculture would argue that Yelp is an invaluable resource in determining where to eat and what to order. I’m going to be honest here. As great a tool as Yelp has seemed like it could be, I find that the opinions there are either so (if I may use some aliteration here) painfully pretentious or heavily opinionated in either a positive or negative direction that an average joe really doesn’t get much out of them. It would be like taking my word for it every time you read a derryX Dines post. Nobody knows everything, and they especially don’t know what your specific tastes are.

There are times, however, where the information contained in the reviews on Yelp is invaluable. Taking the above example, there is some good information contained in the review that the average Yelp review would never provide. Sure, the opinion of the writer is that the food was decent, but they tell us a very important nugget of information that would never occur to anybody else writing the review. Rain or shine, sickness or health, life or death, Gus’s is dedicated to serving your food.

Another example of a useful review was sent in to me from Metalfrog just last night. It was for a Wendy’s in the Theater District of Manhattan. One detail you can take from this review is that this particular Wendy’s serves up the crispiest chicken nuggitz in the world; crispy chicken nuggitz is a virtue, and this Wendy’s delivers. Another thing that you can take from the review is that the ugly chicks working the fryers take no nonsense and don’t appreciate flirting.

I don’t know about you, but next time I’m taking in a performance in New York City, I will definitely be hitting up this particular Wendy’s.

And why?

All because of what I read on Yelp!


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