WHAT IS THE NEW NORMAL? Support your favorite comedians

COMEDY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. What is the new normal? Will we be able to see live events? Will we even want to go? Will our favorite acts get a fair shot at booking venues?

I wanted to talk a little about the impact of the current world events on the comedy scene. Personally, I had tickets for Andrew Dice Clay at the Just For Laughs Festival this summer, and I heard it is postponed to October, but who knows if it’s even going to happen!?

I go into this a little along with some of my concerns about
-how many venues will there be for comedians to perform in?
-how competitive will it be for comedians to get access to the venues?
-what’s going to happen to ticket prices?
-how to get booked for shows for comedians?

I talk about my favorite comedians Larry David, Tom Scharpling, Nick Swardson, Michael Wheels Parise, and Andrew Dice Clay as well as some ways in which they influence me.

I also bring up a few of the things that comedians like Tom Green, Michael Wheels Parise, Iliza Shlesinger, Tom Scharpling, and others are adapting to the situation to create uplifting content to not only entertain but to remain relevant.

Lastly, I bring up how to support your favorite comedians. It’s important because we all need to laugh, so we need to make sure the creators that need our support get our support either through social media or through consumption of their projects.

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