What I did on Allure of the Seas

The largest cruise ship in the world had so much to do to keep me busy. The most important part was that there was no internet on the ship. I’m lying, of course. For a fee, you could access the internet on one of the higher decks, but it’s usually a pretty slow satellite connection, and it costs quite a bit, so I was disconnected for a week.

Sure, I spent some time in the room watching the limited television they had [you could only watch the same episodes of Jerseylicious, Fast Five, and Dreamworks films so many times], but we spent quite a bit of time on various decks with their fun activities.

For a small fee, in the Spanish-style wine bar, we partook in a beginners wine course. It was lots of fun, and the guy who gave us the introduction was really nice and super knowledgable. If nothing else, it was an interactive way to have four glasses of wine for $13.

One thing I knew I wanted to do before I even got on the ship was play bingo. I had to wait on line to buy tickets, and they sold me on this crazy package where I got three cards and an electronic machine that had an additional 30 chances to win. The three cards were $32, and the package I got was $55, and I got so much more. Ok. I got duped.

But at least I had fun getting duped.

There’s tons of shopping in various places on the ship. I didn’t snap pictures of too much of that crap, but I did get a couple.

There’s a cupcake shop. It’s actually one of the first things you see when you get on the ship. The cupcakes aren’t anything to write about. They did have decorating classes that probably would be fun if you’re 11.

There was a comedy club, and we watched the comedy show. I don’t remember the comedians’ names, but they were good. Most of their material focused on jokes about the ship, so people could relate to their material. I enjoyed it.

There’s a casino where half is dedicated to smoking. If you walk into any part of the casino at all, you will walk out smelling like smoke. I got a little lucky at the roulette table, but nothing significant, obviously. I did find a Sex and the City slot machine that I was dying to try, but I couldn’t figure out how to work. Dumb machine.

A major highlight of the activities on the ship was karaoke. They had karaoke just about every night. We went two nights. The first night we went, I was the first performer, and, since the location was in the main concourse, people were pouring in to watch me. It was awesome because it was up on a stage. I really got a rush from that! I love entertaining people.

Of course, I sang “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, and, of course, the person who went after me sang a country song and spoiled the energy. It’s ok, because all of the people who were curious about my performance left during the next song. [Side note: I’m really good at “Bad Romance.”]

There was a Starbucks on board. It was reasonably priced, unlike the Starbucks in Fort Lauderdale, which was outrageously priced. I had to enjoy one skinny vanilly latte on the cruise.

There’s a huge watershow on the ship, but we didn’t go. For something to do, we did take the tour of the backstage area of the watershow. It was fun, and I found the funniest picture I ever saw on the ship.

Doesn't the Royal Caribbean Logo look like something out of Transformers?

There were some fun mirrors on the ship.

There was a shop that sold ice cream sundaes. The ice cream looked really great, but they put so much stuff on the sundaes you couldn’t really tell what you were eating any more.

One of the nights, we hung out at the lounge, the Schooner Bar, and sat around while some Australian guy sang and played a piano.

Things started getting crazy.

And then the captain of the ship came and partied with us.

Another evening, we went to a British style pub for some beers.

There were a few other activities we took part in that. One night, in the main auditorium, they did this couples trivia thing. Three couples, one newlywed, one married a while, and one married for 300 years, got to answer questions about each other while the other wasn’t there. I don’t know how to explain this right. It doesn’t matter. It was fun, and they kept replaying it on the tv in the room every day. I watched it every chance I had.

I’m sure there were tons more that we did that I can’t remember any more.

But we also went off the ship and did some stuff, and that’s coming soon, as are some posts about the premium dining on the ship.


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