Welcome to a new era!

The semi-hiatus has lasted long enough.

I’m back with an all new look. A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the page to start thinking of how I wanted to use it going forward, and it just looked very dated. MetalFrog has done everything in his power to make things look the way I’ve wanted them in the past, and that design has served us well.

I jotted down a really gross looking diagram of how I wanted the site redesigned, and MetalFrog outdid himself (and when I say gross, I really mean it. It was disgusting!). Seriously. Take a look around . You’ll see there’s an all new paint job and a new menu system at the top. Now, new content will be organized better based on subject. Those of you who come to read about my recent “derryX Dines” anecdotes can easily find them. The same goes if you came looking for my recipes or thoughts. Information about training with me is also very accessible now. Everything looks incredible! Much more visually appealing.

If you visit the main page (accessible via derryX.com or by clicking the logo at the top right), you’ll scroll past some images from some of my favorite moments, and the freshest of each type of post will be there.

The site design has been optimized for all devices, so those of you using a phone or tablet don’t have to view a stripped down version of the page.

The redesign is really impressive, and Keith aka MetalFrog from Solidare Design deserves a serious round of applause and maybe a cookie.

With this, we say goodbye to the 2010-2015 era and usher in the 2016-2099 era!

Chicken Marsala

And with that, I bring you some all new content. I will return to frequently posting derryX Dines anecdotes (not as frequently as before but more frequently than last year). The first of the new era is a place called Innovo Kitchen in Latham/Niskayuna, right near my house.


I also have an all-new recipe and YouTube video. I set about to clean up classic chicken marsala, and I’m quite proud of the result. I think you will be too. Going forward, I’m using a tool that allows you to print recipes, which is something I’ve been asked about in the past.

Chicken Marsala

Another thing I’m working on is creating an Amazon store where products I use are listed so that you can directly purchase them. Things will cost exactly as much as they do if you ordered from Amazon.com directly, but they kick back a few cents here and there to help keep the page maintained. Also, included with every recipe post will be a link to PayPal for the site. This will allow me to specifically work on recipe development for whatever you’d like to see. We can even cook it together or, if it carries well, I can bring you some. Keep the ideas for recipes and videos coming by hitting the Contact link at the top of the page.

So Happy New Year. Let’s make 2016 the year best ever!

I’m going to leave you with the theme for 2016 and a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead. This year, we draw a line in the sand.


Train hard.

Dine well.

Live vivaciously!

-Jerry P. Papandrea


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