The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 5

We started the day again with the obligatory trip to Starbucks as the good Americans we are. I have no idea what I got, but it was adequate. We stayed around the hotel and signed up for a walking foodie (I hate that word) tour of Old San Juan later that night. Most of the pictures you’re about to see are from that very tour.

Pan de Mallorca
Cafe con leche (not cafe latte or cappuccino)
Yellow area = worlds narrowest apartment in the world according to Guinness
Taino masks
My good friends, the UPS
A mojito at a hole in the wall bar
French Fries and aioli at the same hole in the wall bar

Day 6 was nothing more than travelling, which is a whole bunch of boring, so that pretty much is a wrap for photo recaps of the vacation. I hope it was just as fun for you as it was for me.

No I don’t.


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