The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 4

I’m pretty sure I didn’t start the day like an American at Starbucks, but I could be wrong; it was a long time ago now. We decided to stay within the immediate hotel area, and I’m glad that we did because I had twisted my ankle the previous night stepping off a curb onto some uneven cobblestone. My bad…

View of the beach from our room
Window at Hacienda Don Jose
Strange drink at Hacienda Don Jose
A view of the inside of Hacienda Don Jose
Tortilla Chips and hot salsa at Hacienda Don Jose
Cool little crab buddies sitting outside of Hacienda Don Jose
Amarillos (plantains) at Hacienda Don Jose
A view at sunset toward the west from our hotel
I like this image

Yea, this was our second trip to the same restaurant within the short time we were there. And we made another trip there on our last day. So what?


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