The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 3

We started the day like good Americans again, at Starbucks. This time I had the dulce de leche frappuccino, which Cassie reminded me was available in the US. Damn it!

We decided to ride the trolley around Old San Juan a bunch of times and visit the forts, while eating in between.

Here are some pictures!

Carne Frita at Cafe Manolin in Old San Juan
Castillo San Cristobal
This guy looks pissed
A view of San Juan from the fort
A sign explaining El Morro
A look at the depth of El Morro
Carne Frita Mofongo at an Undisclosed Location
My dessert that night: Malta Light with ice

It was a good day, and there’s a really funny story about riding trolleys around hundreds of times that day, but I promised these posts would be short on words and heavy on pictures.


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