The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 2

We started the day slowly as the good Americans we are and had Starbucks. I got a coconut mocha Frappucinno. It was tasty.

We stayed at the hotel for the day. I threw on my bathing suit and soaked in some sun rays. For lunch, I had a churrasco wrap with tostones and a Mentirita (formerly Cuba Libre aka Bacardi and Coke).

We proceeded through the day slowly and headed in to Old San Juan for dinner at a restaurant called The Parrot Club, one of the more popular spots in Old San Juan. It was alright. A tourist trap in my opinion.

Here are some blurry pictures from that:

Tostada de Acapurria
Plastic Chairs
Some mango drink
Roasted Lomo Criollo
Nutella and Banana Empanadas

I finished out the night by calling in a pledge to WFMU and The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling. Yeah, it was that important to me.

Good day.


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